Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opus Gluei Spring Challenge

Ok so Rosemary and Jana put out a challenge to do something that showed the signs of Spring in your own way. Well I started this morning and finished my project from start to finish. Now don’t expect this every time you set up a challenge but this one was just too much fun to not complete it all at once. I even took time out to go help my hubby today when he called from the office frantic because he needed my help. (Yeah Rosemary, lightning is going to strike yet!!! But it’s a real good thing! I took care of paying bills for him and that meant he got another two hours to work on others taxes as that is his livelihood and he’s quite busy right now.) So I came back to my craft room and started from scratch. I had jotted down some thoughts. Now I had to make them come to life. So what does Spring mean to me….
Birds Chirping
Flowers Blooming
Sweet Ocean Breezes
Colors Popping
Walks Outside
Climbing Mountains
Blue Skies
Silly Girls Playing Dress-up
More Flowers Blooming
Pretty Views
Enjoying Life
Sounds of life at 75/80 again
Cruising TOPLESS

So take a look at my little book of Spring. I even used my Bind-it-all to put it together tonight. I hope you like the result.

Hugs to ya,


Jana said...

This SCREAMS Spring. I love it. Great job. You have really set the bar high for yourself on this one.

Rosemary said...

I love this - and aren't you glad you took a little time to participate? I'm thinking so because you've captured a mood, a feeling, a moment that speaks to you.

Oh, I love love love this project!